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    Gm App:FallenTheory

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    Age:15 Almost Turning 16

    Experience: Well I have a Great Amount Of Exp in most servers i play as a regular person and know what people like and dislike. I know All the Rules of being Gm and when i have to do something i do it. I can run events i know how to setup events i can be serious at times and have fun most of the times. Ive been a Gm many times such as PixelMs and InitialMs(was rank 40 once) and other small Servers

    What Will I Do To Help The Server: All i can say is I can probably tell my friends about this server and i can try to make a video. Im Not so good at making videos but im capable of making some to help the server imrpove. Also If You Want I can Advertise An other Forums And such if you havent already.

    Hours Online: I can Be on Alot After 530pm Est till 1am on the weekdays and on the weekends i can be on probably for the whole day if im not busy of course :]

    Any other Info: I can also be a mod if u need some mods ill be sure to help and also heres my msn

    And also would still play this server even if im not picked it is very fun and enjoyable :]

    Work As Mod:Like I said Early in the App i will also apply as mod and as a Mod i would Be on The Forums Frequently checking on post and if any useless/spam of other advertising servers i will delete and close as simple also make sure theres no harrassment in the forums to keep the forums clean and simple ive been a forum mod in other servers and i watch the forums wisely Very Happy so yeah.. Heres If You Need a Forum Mod

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