iChris GM application


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    iChris GM application

    Post by iChris on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:05 am


    IGN:iChris Chris or GM CHRIS



    Contact: MSN:Skaterchris913@hotmail.com

    Times you go on: I go on Weekdays around 3-4 hours and weekends 5-6hours.

    Why should you be chosen: I should be chosen because i know the rights/honor of a GM, I have been a GM before so i no most of the commands. I have a good attitude and dont put up with hackers. I am easy going but i treat each player the same and dont give any special items out

    Experience Of a GM:I have been a gm in multiple ps servers that have gone down for good. I am use to giving out help to anyone who needs it or giving advice.

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