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    NOTE: IF I CREATE A BANNER I MUST BECOME A GM (see rank 94 and look at Jstory's banner i made that)

    Name: Matt
    IGN: most likely Matt or MattMan
    Email: msn-
    xfire- Mattster123
    Age: 13
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Time/Restrictions: I can be on for about 3 hours on the week days and for pretty much as long as I want on weekends.

    Position Applying for: I am applying for an in game GM position, but I can also help out on the forums or website.

    Why should you be chosen: I should be chosen because I can play for long periods of time and help make the server active. I have many friends in real life that play maple story and I can get them to play. Also, if you needed proof look at rank 91 on the xtremetop100 for a private server called JStory. I brought that server from rank 178 to rank 91 plus i made their banner. I am also very good at solving in game problems such as conflicts between players or maybe even certain glitches or faults. Finally, I am very professional and know all of the rules of being a GM, I am always calm, and everyone has a good time with me.

    What can you do to help: To help the server out i can do a lot of advertising. This includes making videos, telling my friends, and i will make suer all new players vote (if they can). Like I said before I can also help out with in game probems and glitches. I will always be ready to help players with problems and I know how to approach hackers. I can also design very good banners or animated banners for the xtremetop100 account or even the website. What ever you want me to do I can and will, well most things, I can't code Sad.

    What makes you better than others: I should be chosen over others because I am very professional and i always get things done. I don't like to leave things unfinished and i can always make everyone happy. I am not lazy like most other people and i wont mind helping out with anything. I will also spend a lot of time on things like banners and videos. I know I am better than most because almost every server I apply on accepts me.

    Experience: My experience as a GM is very good. I have been a GM on 3 servers so far. I my most recent was JStory. I helped JStory out so much that I brought them from rank 178 to rank 91. I even made their banner on the xtremetop100. The other server I was a GM on was called LocalMS but it was shut down due to reasons only known by the owner.

    Contact Info: You can email or msn me on my msn at or you can chat me on my xfire, Mattster123.

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